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Services & Pricing

Our Process

We have partnered with SPEED Training to make all of our templates. Our team members will have access to professional templates branded and made specifically for your office that are always up to date with the latest information.


We make three attempts on any task we work. Attempt 1 & 2 are a text and an email. Attempt 3 is a text an email and a phone call.

If it is an item that we work and we get the information back from the customer we will complete the change. *Exceptions apply





Shared Folders

Auto Underwriting, Fire Underwriting & Billing Shared Folders


 BOD/Service Tasks and Cases


Late Pays

Credit Card Expiration


Return Payment


Return Mail





Policies Issued and Mailed


Premium Decreases


Premium Increases

*This list is not all encompassing of what might come into ECRM. 


Take inbound customer calls

Call out or chat with underwriting, service, claims or billing



Homeowners ERC’s

Mortgagee and lienholder changes

Address changes

Certificates of Insurance

Fix other team members applications

What We Do

What We Don't Do



Fee to ATP

$750 non-refundable set up fee

$185 per month for a 6 month commitment

$225 per month for month to month


Fee to the Team Member

0000-1000= $1000 per month

1001-1500= $1150 per month

1501-2000= $1300 per month

2001-2500= $1450 per month

2501-3000= $1600 per month

3001-3500= $1750 per month

3501-4000= $1900 per month

4001 and over= negotiated 


*There is a $250 charge to Michigan agents per month if you want help with PIP renewal forms.


*MOA’s and TASP’s are one sign on fee and one monthly fee to ATP. The fee to the team member will be based on total combined households.


*If the team member isn’t licensed in your state, you will be responsible for paying for the licensing fee. 

Also, more than likely you will have to get an unemployment tax ID in the state the team member is located in if they are not in your state.

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